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The international collaboration in the area of social development and health protection between the government of Murmansk region and social Municipalty of Luleo started in 1996.

During 1999-2000 the part of the work concerning the co-project "The collaboration in social and medicine areas on Kola Peninsula" was devoted to the training of five specialists from social institutions of Murmansk and Olenegorsk. These specialists were taught the way to interact with non-speaking disabled children by Swedish educational specialists Anita Kentte and Inger Benkert with the help of the interpreter Natalya Korvi.

At class - Ekaterina Moiseeva, Valentina Grauert, Natalya Belyaevskaya. Natalya Belyaevskaya is communicating with Andrey.

Igner Benkert, Lisbeth Viklund (the director of the project) and Anita Kentte are communicating with Masha. Anita Kentte, Ekaterina Moiseeva and Igner Benkert are actively communicating with Aleksey.
Analyzing the current working period we've concluded that there is a necessity, firstly, to enlarge the existing stock of knowledge of already trained specialists and, secondly, to train more new specialists.

This training developed into creative collaboration, which lasted to 2007. The project was financed by Swedish Sida Administration.

The deputy governor Ludmila Chistova and Anita Kentte are satisfied with the results of the work.
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