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Children's speech deficiency prevents their normal development. In the 1960-th specialists used special pictures but it was hard to convey abstract notions, for example, feelings. In 1971 it was decided to start the project in order to help disabled children. Shirley McNaughton, a speech pathologist, was at the head of it. The group of specialists participated in this project decided that Blissymbolics is the most appropriate form of education of disabled children. In 1972 Charles Bliss came to Toronto for helping children with physical and cognitive handicaps of various kinds.

Blissymbolics aroused a great interest and many specialists started to use it in the USA and Canada. In 1975 Blissymbolics Communication Foundation (BCF) was founded in Toronto. In 1978 BCF was renamed into BCI (Blissymbolics Communication International).

BCI copyrighted Blissymbolics and nowadays it continues working on development and standardization of the language system. Moreover, Bliss dictionary includes more than 5500 words.

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