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Charles Bliss (1897-1985) was an Austrian chemist, philosopher, humanist. His life and personality were as unique as his work on Blissymbolics and his personality.

In early childhood he understood that a language could not only unite people but as well could express hatred, especially when people cried out anti-Semitic slogans toward him.

By this time Charles had been impressed by two wonderful logical languages expressed in the symbols of mathematics and chemistry which could be read by anyone no matter what their mother-tongue might be.

Having fled the captivity of the concentration camp during the Second World War, Charles Bliss moved to Shanghai. There he felt safe. Then he developed an appreciation and admiration for the Chinese ideographic language. His admiration stemmed from the fact that although the Chinese population spoke different languages, they could all understand the same written Chinese language due to its ideographic nature. This compelled him to develop a universal language that he dreamed one day would be used worldwide to break down language barriers.

After five years of developing the Blissymbolic language, he published Semantography - A Logical Writing for an Illogical World - in 1949, which finally put on paper the ideas of the German mathematician and philosopher G.W. Leibniz.

To a greater extent Charles Bliss was a philosopher and a public figure than a developer. Both Leibniz and Bliss's dream of a universal language was never realized.

However, it has provided an invaluable communication medium to many non-speaking individuals, allowing them to develop cognitively, emotionally and socially in society.

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